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Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce the opportunity for an experienced and visionary individual like you to join us as our new Executive Director. 

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She / Her / Elle

Community Outreach Coordinator 

Valerie is our new Community Outreach Coordinator, and as an alumni of care herself is understanding of the issues presented to youth in care and is heartfelt towards C.A.R.E Jeunesse’s mission. With a background in aviation, she has had the opportunity to travel to some of Québec’s most remote areas and is looking forward to expanding the C.A.R.E network to include all regions of the province. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her two young children.


She / Her / Elle

Communications Coordinator

Michelle is an alumni of care herself. She has since independently pursued higher education and completed a BA in Women Studies at Concordia University, as well as is in the final steps of completing her second BA in Interdisciplinary Sexuality Studies. With this knowledge, she hopes to make a difference, to work with youth, educate them, offer support and guidance - some things that many of those in care lack. While in her studies, Michelle has been an advocate for inclusion and diversity within her role at Fido Solutions. In addition to this, she is a proud fur-mom to a five month old French Bulldog, she loves to cook, travel, and try new things.


She / Her / Elle

Peer Support Coordinator

Kayla is a Social Sciences student with a passion for her community. She has enjoyed spending many of her summers at a sleep-away camp for youth in care, as a camper and a counselor. When not working at CARE Jeunesse, she teaches cooking and kitchen skills to participants at the W.E.T (Weredale Employability Training) Project, which she, herself, graduated from in May 2021. This program caters to the socio-economic development of youth aging out of care by offering them the space to learn and develop sought-after skills in today’s job market. By joining Care Jeunesse, Kayla will be able to achieve her goal of providing support and resources to a larger amount of youth in and aging out of care. She enjoys hiking in the mountains and swimming in the many lakes of Quebec, and spending her free time making art.

Board Members

She / Her / Elle

Interim President

Varda is a Professor in the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University where she teaches Youth Work and Counselling. She worked for more than 30 years as a psychologist in the care system in Montreal and her research documents the experiences of youth aging out Quebec. Varda started out as an “adult ally” to CARE when the organization first began, and is honoured to now serve as Vice President. Varda loves attending CARE events and sculpts and reads novels in her spare time.


She / Her / Elle


Luise Massari is a bilingual native Montrealer.  She worked as a television and radio journalist and producer at the CBC in Montreal for thirty years.

In that time, she launched current affairs programs including the TV show “Our Montreal” which is still on the air. She was also the first Montreal producer for CBC's all news channel.   Ultimately she moved from television to radio and produced "Homerun" ,  CBC's  local drive home show. 

For Luise, the most important and rewarding part of her work has been telling the stories of Montrealers and Quebecers from all walks of life who faced challenges and who were trying to contribute to their community.

 Luise’s goal is to continue to give a voice and empower people in her community.  With Carejeunesse, Luise looks forward to working on a project that is led by and designed for alumni of care, and she believes the organization can grow into a great resource for all of Quebec.

Luise is a graduate of the Communications program at Concordia University and a member of the Alumni association of Concordia.



Board Member

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Anick comes to CARE Jeunesse after a fulfilling career in cybersecurity. Herself an alumni of care, Anick now invests her time advocating for the rights and well-being of youth aging out of care. She is committed to ensuring that youth be provided with the services and support that they need to pursue their dreams as they prepare their transition to adulthood.


An avid traveler, she has backpacked solo around the world. Her current passion is exploring North America in her minivan. 



Board Member

Bio to come! 

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